More than our birthright. It is our culture and our primary food source.
Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Enough said.
For self defense, for hunting, for sport, for freedom. We shoot for fun, for defense, for freedom.
An unlikely love story. "My marriage to Dawn is proof that God knows my name." - Bennett Johnson,%20I'm%20Dawn.
RN, MSN, Advocate, Patriot

Hi, I'm Dawn. I started my career as a Surgical Tech. and dreamed of one day becoming a Nurse. I never imagined I would go from RN to MSN and beyond. To She whom much is given, much is expected. For me, Nursing is a passion and I share that passion through leadership and advocacy to give back..

I am a Christian, a Wife, a Patriot. I created N.A.G.S. to share my passion for the 2nd Amendment, Self Defense, and Self Reliance with Nurses, Women, and Right Minded Patriots.

M.B.A., College Instructor, Business Consultant

Hi, I'm Bennett. I've been a Med. Sales Rep., Entrepreneur, and International Business Executive. I am now an Online College Instructor, Blogger, and Business Consultant, working entirely out of my home. They can keep my frequent flyer miles!

I am the Co-creator of N.AG.S. along with my beautiful, brilliant wife, Dawn. You could say that she is the brains and I am the muscle behind this immense project. I'm an avid Outdoorsman, aspiring Gun Collector, and a student of Self Defense and Self Reliance.,%20I'm%20Bennett
Guardian, Pet, Local Celebrity, Spoiled Rotten

Meet Moses. Our Great Pyrenees breed canine. Our Pet, our Guardian, our Baby. We've manage to turn a world class Flock Guardian into a world class spoiled rotten house pet. Truly the gentle giant, Moses is kind with children and patient around the hordes of tourists who beg to take his photo. .

The only problem is that we are so protective of him that we would get between the danger and him instead of the other way around.
Thoughtful insight on holsters for curves because one size does not fit all. If it don't fit, it wont't ride.


We created N.A.G.S. (Nurse and Gun Society) to share our passion for self reliance through knowledge. We are not former military, law enforcement, or any other type of experts with special training. WE ARE YOU.
Our Unique Value at N.A.G.S. is the creation of a platform where women meet weapons. We don't shoot like the boys. We empower women through shared knowledge on self reliance, self defense, and what works for us.
Not just for nurses, NAGS is a primary resource for patriot women and nurses seeking entertainment and enlightenment on the self reliant lifestyle. Our hope is that we help empower women and advance freedom through security, sovereignty, and safety.