Best Springfield XDS Holster

The best Springfield XDS holster is the one that gets you carrying every day. We could end this post here, could we not? The fantastic Springfield XDS Semi-Auto Pistol is of no use if it is sitting in the safe when you need it.

There are a few mandatory things, we at NAGS demand, when look for the best holster for the Springfield XDS.

  1. Comfort
  2. Accessibility
  3. Quality


Comfort is king. Ok, fine, comfort is king unless it comes in a pair of Tom Ford 105mm Pin Heels. While those killer calves you worked on all winter are ready to be rocked in high heels and a Skhoop, that deadly weapon in the holster is not. The highly refined machine that is the modern sub-compact pistol is every bit a work of art as the rest of you but it is never an fashion accessory.


The concealed carry permit is not an easy thing to earn and it comes with tremendous responsibility. Carrying that Springfield XDS holster must become as second nature to you as your wallet, keys, and iPhone. That is where CrossBreed Holsters comes in.

NAGS tested several holsters of all types imaginable over 36 months. The CrossBreed IWB MiniTuck was our favorite for the Springfield XDS holster. No doubt excellent quality in every piece. This holster should ensure years of pulling and shoving and crushing. The nice wide design means excellent weight distribution so that lil chub called the XDS will not drag your pants down around your ankles.


Thigh holsters are sexy. Bra holsters are trendy, but thee quickest way to your gun, in an emergency, is on your strong side hip. That is where this CrossBreed IWB holster is designed to ride. You can slide it forward and aft just a bit for precision comfort but on your hip it stays.

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Best Springfield XDS Holster Summary

A great holster and truly change the way you think about carrying your greatest shot at self defense to protect your security, sovereignty, and safety. Lots of companies make IWB holsters but CrossBreed seems to have it figured out. You can read more about this holster and many more at