The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is a rare bird.  A final barrier between the oppressed and their oppressors is what the Second Amendment provides. A great equalizer between you and a threat of eminent severe harm or death, the law allows you to use deadly force in most dire circumstances. Only 9 countries offer constitutional statements similar to our 2nd Amendment yet most of these laws were enacted in the 19th and 20th century.

Anti-gun advocates are masters at creating false narratives and lies related to our most cherished Constitutional right. N.A.G.S. adopted the policy of not assuming malicious intent which means we must assume those who would take our right to self defense are not traitors. We want to first assume that most anti-gun activists are simply misinformed. Misinformation breeds the repetition of false interpretations of the Second Amendment eventually infringing on the rights of others.

The Second Amendment Musket Myth

Myth: Right to Bear Arms law was meant for 1776 type firearms thus applicable to modern high power firearms.

Fact: Legal case Caetano (2016) found “the Second Amendment extends…to all instruments that constitute arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding”.

Our Founding Fathers risked everything. Founders knew tyranny, consequently they could predict the rise of new firearm technologies. Constitution writers knew that future oppressors and criminals would access more advanced weapons therefore t is not logical to assume the citizenry would be able to defend themselves with antique weapons.

The Hunting Myth

Myth: The Second Amendment is meant for hunting.

Fact: Our Second Amendment is based on a 1689 statement by Sir W. Blackstone.  He described the right as “supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and civic duty…”

Myths are perpetuated by Anti-fun Activists wanting to ban self defense style weapons. There are two underlying motivations for this myth.

  1. A misunderstanding of what hunting is.
  2. An uninformed attitude towards self defense style weapons.

Unconsciously ignorant assume hunting is a purely offensive exercise because they’ve never been hunting. The history of the Second Amendment is clear.   Self defense does not only include defense against other humans. Hunting is a dangerous pass time and this is especially true of big game hunting. The type of where the animal is capable of killing you.  Hunting is an offensive and a defensive exercise therefore  firearms are used in ethical taking of wild game and in self defense.

To the uninformed, the argument against self defense style weapons can also be nullified. A more accurate description would be “dual purpose” because assault style weapons often make good hunting weapons. Traditional hunting rifles with low round count and slower round feeding designs, are not as effective in self defense situations. The so-called assault rifle is also a popular hunting rifle. Click To Tweet Can we imply that the perpetrators of this myth would have us left defenseless with lesser capable rifles?

You Only Need One

Myth: You have the right to own one gun so why so many guns?

Fact: The Second Amendment is called the Right to Bear ArmS. Emphasis on the “S”. For the illiterate, the “S” means plural. For Californians, the word plural means more than one. A second  layer to this myth is the believe that the Second Amendment applies to law enforcement only. The Supreme Court ruled this right belongs to individuals, especially individuals.

The Breviary

Constitutional law is clear because the Supreme Court decisions are clear.  As a result, the Second Amendment is established law. Anti-gun activists continue to argue as if the Second Amendment is negotiable. The Second Amendment might be our most important enumerated right because if your ability to defend yourself is taken from you then nothing else matters. We operate in a world where words mean things. Our nation is one of free will, therefore an American Citizen has the right to own a gun or not own a gun. Forcing that decision on others is not American. The Heritage Foundation offers an excellent analysis of the Second Amendment.