N.A.G.S. Podcast is Coming Soon

Coming soon to the Nurse and Gun Society, the N.A.G.S. Podcast.

This is where women meet weapons. Developed with the N.A.G.S. Triple S – Security, Sovereignty, Safety. We don’t shoot like the boys. Let’s see what works for us.

Gun Reviews

We talk Gun Reviews on long guns, hand guns, sporting, and self defense guns. We try before you buy. Get insightful and truthful experience on every day life of experienced firearm owners and newbies alike. We ask ask all of the dumb questions everyone else is afraid to say. We share what we like, dislike, and we’re not afraid to admit we don’t know. No intimidation, no jargon, no butt slapping, no macho. We promise.

Gear Reviews

Hear our thoughts on Gear Reviews. Holsters, Outdoor Gear, and Supplements with true tests by real people. There is no one size fits all. We explore what holsters work for the curves we have and others want. We test the outdoor gear in the harsh elements of Alaska. If it works in Alaska then it should work just about anywhere. If we don’t have our health then there is no point in protecting ourselves with guns. We explore the truth and get the facts on supplements for a healthy lifestyle.


Listen to our experience on Training and Knowledge to help you get clarity in a noisy world. Analysis, Opinion on Self Defense and Self Reliance. The value is in the journey, not the destination. A commitment to lifelong learning is the key to successful living. Nurses are famously curious folks. Our pursuit of knowledge on Security, Sovereignty, and Safety will never end. Advocacy And finally, we talk Nursing Advocacy. Career, Lifestyle, Advocacy. It’s not about the gun. It’s about a lifestyle. So, once more, we don’t shoot like the boys. Let’s see what works for us.