Glock 43 Review and First Thoughts

Glock 43, Single Stack, 9mm, Sub-compact Pistol. 17.95g unloaded, 4.25 in. in height, 6.26 in. in length. Super compact, super light. Super reliable, because it is a Glock. But is it shootable? Is it effective for concealed carry and self defense?

Concealed Carry is one of the hottest subjects in gun talk. It is also one of the fastest growing niches in the gun industry. When it comes to living with a gun for daily protection, we want it all. Our self defense Concealed Carry Handgun is something we must develop a habit of keeping on our person, just like our wallet and our cell phone. The perfect Concealed Carry gun must be:

  • Concealable
  • Comfortable to Carry
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Effective

Let’s be clear, that list is in no particular order. The truth is that it is an all or nothing type of list. If the gun is not concealable then it does not matter if it is comfortable to carry. If it is not effective then the rest of the list does not matter either. If the gun costs more than that pair of Justin Caiman Belly Cowgirl Boots I’ve been eyeballing then forget it!

First Look

At first look, this little gem of 2nd Amendment freedom is tiny and it is light. Even the smallest of women could and should be able to carry and conceal the Glock 43. Tucked in an I.W.B. (Inside the Waistband) holster, carried O.W.B. (Outside the Waistband) on the hip, in the pocket of cargo pants, even tucked under the arm in a sports bra style holster, the options are countless. Put a check mark in the affirmative box for concealable.

Comfort is subjective. In general, the weight of the gun matters more than the size. Comfortable carry is a matter of millimeters and ounces. Remember that the difference between a comfortable carried pistol and a miserable brick of a gun on your belt is often defined in just a few ounces in size and millimeters in size. At 22.36 ounces, fully loaded with six rounds of 9mm, any reasonable shooter considers that very light.

It’s a Glock, that means it is reliable. Enough said! No, really. We could do a “mic drop” and end the commentary here. Glock pistols are known around the world for their less than gorgeous blocky style but their glorious beauty in simplicity of design. That function over form philosophy means when you do your part, by keeping it maintained and fed with quality ammo, it will do it’s part when you pull the trigger. Our Glock 43 rides mostly rides in a kydex IWB style holster. It stays so clean you could eat off of it. It will never see the desert sands of Iraq or the jungles of Vietnam as many Glocks do during military service.

Is it Effective?

Now for the big question. Is it effective? We pray to God that we never need to test it in a self defense situation. The answer to that question is in the intended use of the firearm. Let’s be clear. This is a pistol designed for concealed carry self defense. Not hunting. Not a shoot out at the OK Corral and definitely not a gun fight in a war zone. The compact design offers many advantages but a few important limitations. The 3 inch barrel length limits velocity of the 9mm round, accuracy, and aiming ability at longer ranges. The shorter the distance between the rear and front sights the less effective the aiming ability because of the short “sight radius”. No gun is perfect so here are some of the limitations:

  • The short barrel means less velocity and knock down power.
  • Short barrel means less sight radius and reduced long range accuracy.
  • All of what I just said is debatable and there are exceptions.
  • We are talking generally accepted principles here so nobody get your panties in a bunch!

So, back to the question. Is it effective? In short, yes! Yes, as a concealed carry, daily carry, self defense handgun, yes. Great progress has been made in high tech 9mm self defense ammo which makes it an effective man stopper, even out of a short barreled gun like the Glock 43. Six rounds is more than enough to protect yourself against one or even two attackers in a self defense situation. We learned in our concealed carry courses that most concealed carry self defense situations happen at almost point blank range in a split second emergency self defense reaction. That means long range accuracy does not apply. But, hey this is just a shooting girl’s opinion so you decide for yourself.

Glock 43 Review Summary

We at the Nurse and Gun Society have been through almost a dozen potential handguns for concealed carry self defense. We’ve sold most of those guns for one reason or another. This little Glock 43 is the best we’ve seen yet. It is definitely staying in our safe and in our holster.  We are excited about the long term review to come soon.

Excellent information can be found directly at the Glock Website and a nice review on the Glock 43 at Gun Digest. We have no association with either site.